101: Blue Chip

Highly educated and cultured, Bluechips enjoy the kind of privileged lifestyle envied by the average Australian. Boasting the highest income and highest proportion of home ownership in the Leading Lifestyles Community, Bluechips spend big on their heart’s desires, from home interiors to season theatre tickets and meals at the best restaurants.

They aren’t shy about displaying their achievements but at the same time are also highly socially aware; they believe in social equality and care about the plight of those suffering social disadvantage. They also care about the environment and they are likely to keep an eye on how the government is managing the economy. 

Culturally homogenous – most are Australian born, with a small proportion from the UK – half of this Persona is located in Sydney, along with smaller clusters in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Bluechips are likely to be married and around a third have children under 16 living at home. Overall, the Persona is comprised of a mix of mid-life families, mid-life households and older households.

Despite juggling demanding jobs and busy social lives, Bluechips still find the time to be highly engaged in the world via the arts and culture. They are also big consumers of a broad range of media, particularly on the ABC and SBS – from news and current affairs through to business and lifestyle content.

They are also highly techy, boasting a high proportion of Early Adopters. You’ll find many working in finance, business and property, with a significant proportion of professionals and managers among them. 

Figure 1 indicates most likely demographics, likes, hobbies, interests and lifestyle of the Blue Chip persona

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