109: Humanitarians

Humanitarians are high-income professionals – many employed in the public service or self-employed. They are also highly digital – you’ll find many technologies, early adopters, among them – and they embrace the full suite of social channels. All this time spent online also means they are likely to skip commercial TV altogether. Highly educated and cultured, they embrace the best of city living but do so with a solid social conscience.

The majority are Australian-born. You’ll find them living in metro areas of Australia, clustered most significantly in Melbourne, followed by smaller clusters in Sydney and Brisbane, where they live mostly in separate houses with the rest mainly in townhouses and semis. 

You’ll find many mid-life householders in this Persona, along with young parents and young singles.

Highly educated, progressive and very socially aware, this Persona cares passionately about the world and the big issues that affect people’s lives. Health and well-being are also high on their priority list for this Persona.

People who belong to this Persona are optimistic and consider themselves to be intellectuals, and are stimulated by new ideas. They love new experiences and are committed to making a difference in life. A desire for an important and exciting life drives them.

They’re big spenders and prioritise spending on experiences rather than material wealth. They are highly social and love culture, so on the weekends, you’ll find them packing out cafes in between catching the latest theatre and art shows, movies and public lectures, or holding a dinner party at home with friends and enjoying a nice bottle of wine. 

Figure 1 indicates most likely demographics, likes, hobbies, interests and lifestyle of the Humanitarians persona

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