200 Metrotechs Helix Community™

Highly educated, socially aware, hard-working, ambitious and culturally diverse. Introducing the Metrotech.

Their swanky rented apartments could be straight out of a premium beer commercial, while their action-packed social schedules are almost as demanding as their day jobs. No wonder Metrotechs take such good care of their health, exercising regularly — how else could they keep up the pace?

Sure, they plan to settle down and buy their own place one day, but there’s plenty of time for that later. For now, they just want to enjoy the freedom that their upward mobility brings: the overseas travel, the fancy restaurants, the designer clothes, the techie toys… You could say they’re a marketer’s dream.

Unsurprisingly, Metrotechs don’t have much time to watch TV, but when they do, they steer clear of commercial channels.

While you’ll find Metrotechs packed with young singles and couples, you’ll also find some ‘young minded’ midlife and older household among them, who embrace cultured, city living to the max.

They are also the most culturally diverse of all the Helix communities – 1 in 4 was born in Asia.

LIKES explained

The Roy Morgan Single Source survey involves interviews with approximately 50,000 people a year, where hundreds of attitudinal questions are asked of the interviewees.  The resultant consumer data is then segmented into the six Helix Communities, and fifty four Helix Personas.  The 'Likes' represent some of the key themes for the Helix Community or the Helix Persona. 


Roy Morgan has developed a segmentation to categorise of the population according to their uptake of new technologies and technology-led offers. You can discover more about the Technology Adoption Segments  here

This chart shows how the Persona is distributed into the Technology Adoption Segments, and how that compares to the distribution for the national population. The highlighting is used to show the segment(s) in which this Persona is most strongly represented, relative to that national benchmark.


The Roy Morgan Single Source survey interviews approximately 50,000 people a year, and asks them to describe their “general viewpoint with regard to social issues and social trends in Australia”, on a scale from “Very Traditional” to “Very Progressive”.

This infographic represents the progressiveness of the Persona based on a scoring system derived from the responses. It should be noted that the range displayed is comparative - for instance, a marker at the rightmost extreme would mean that no other Persona is more socially progressive, rather than the Persona could not possible be any more progressive.


This chart maps the persona to Roy Morgan’s Values Segments - a market segmentation that captures the values, mindsets and attitudes that motivate consumer behaviour.

You can discover more about Values Segments at roymorgan.com

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